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Product highlights

  • 2.02
  • Firefox Web browser 1.504
  • GAIM 1.5 instant messaging client
  • Beagle desktop search
  • Evolution 2.6


  • Apache version 2.2
  • Cyrus imapd version 2.2
  • MySQL 5.0
  • PHP 5.1
  • PostgreSQL 8.1
  • Samba version 3.0.22

SUSE® Linux Enterprise Desktop is the market's only enterprise-quality Linux desktop that's ready for routine business use. Developed and backed by Novell, SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop provides market-leading usability, seamless interoperability with existing enterprise computer systems, and dozens of essential office applications. It also delivers unparalleled levels of flexibility for desktop clients. You can deploy it as a general-purpose desktop, use it in thin- or thick-client configurations (for example, kiosks and cash registers), or rely on it for high-end engineering workstations. With SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop, your business can dramatically reduce costs, improve end-user security and increase workforce productivity.

Why Purchase a SUSE Linux Enterprise Subscription?

SUSE Linux Enterprise subscriptions ensure continual customer satisfaction. When you purchase a subscription, you receive a guarantee that Novell will keep your servers and desktops fully patched and updated during the period of the subscription.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop subscriptions are sold on a per-instance basis, and include ongoing patches and updates conveniently delivered without disturbing your users. Novell support for the first 30 days is included, and you can choose to optionally purchase additional technical support to suit your needs.

With SUSE Linux Enterprise subscriptions backing you up, you can deploy Linux on your desktops and in your data center with confidence.

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