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New Features
Tomcat was updated to version 5.5.27 and necessary new packages were added for this.
Added Infiniband Support in version 1.4.1
Avahi daemon was added
A Block IO Tracer (blktrace) was added
On i386, vmi, vmipae and kdumppae kernel flavours were added.
Generic Linux ASM Library support was added (oracleasm)
Multipurpose relay for bidirectional data transfer (socat) was added
Interactive System Activity Grapher for sysstat (sysstat-isag) was added
On System z, a YaST2 module for IPL loader was added
Selective Logging of ECKD DASD devices
With this feature the system reports system information messages (SIM) to the user. The System Reference Code (SRC), which is part of the SIM, is reported to the user and allows to look up the reason of the SIM online in the documentation of the storage server.
On System z, zipl can now dump to multiple DASDs. So it now possible to dump system images, which are larger than a single DASD.

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