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SUSE® Linux Enterprise 11 is the most interoperable platform for mission-critical computing, suitable for physical and virtual environments, from the desktop to the data center. With Service Pack 1, you get even greater performance, reliability, security, scalability and interoperability, and even more hardware and driver support. You also benefit from maintenance and support enhancements which give you greater flexibility, without sacrificing control.

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Features of the SLES 11 High Availability Extension
- OpenAIS messaging and membership layer (SAF-compliant)
- Pacemaker cluster resource manager
- Oracle Cluster File System (OCFS2)
- Clustered logical volume manager (cLVM2)
- Distributed replicated block device (DRBD)
- Graphical user interface
- Unified command line interface
- YaST modules for DRBD, OpenAIS and multipath
- Resource agents
- For third party apps - SAP, IBM WebSphere, DB2, Informix, Oracle and VMware
- For many open source appsFor many open source apps
- Xen aware cluster resource manager

What's new in Service Pack 1
- Metro-area clusters
- Node recovery with ReaR
- Improved OCFS2 with less file fragmentation and improved file operations (est >20% performance improvement)
- Improved DRBD that supports data compression and simultaneous 3 node synchronous / asynchronous replication cmirrord (SAN-- based cluster concurrent RAID1, live storage migration)
- Web GUI
- Cluster Test Drive (simulator)
- YaST2 module for load balancer
- Cluster aware configuration sync (eases management)
- Extended documentation
- Agents for DRBD, postfix, squid, libvirt, iSCSI and SAP
- Support for CTDB (clustered Samba)
- OCFS2 “reflinks” (cluster-wide snapshots, fast and space-efficient VM cloning, backup)

- KVM support

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